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hey whats up i'm chris and this site is all about final fantasy 12. this site or one of my other final fantasy sites will be updated daily. i will keep track of how many people come so please hurry in and get me some hits for my counter.

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I do not sell this game directly from this site. if you are interested in buying the game online try ebay or amazon for best results. this game is brand new and is very exspensive.


The story begins in Dalmasca, where the happiness from the union of Princess Ashe of Dalmasca and Prince Rasler of Nabradia was interrupted by Imperial Archadia's invasion of Dalmasca. In the war that took place, Nabradia's capital city Nabudis fell, and shortly after, Dalmasca came into Archadia's rule, among the lives lost Prince Rasler. The Dalmascan king, forced to sign a treatise of surrender, was to be murdered. A rescue attempt by Dalmascan knights went wrong when Basch, one of the leading knight, slain the king and Reks, a young soldier of 17. The treason, and Ashe's eventual suicide was announced by Marquis Ondore.

Two years later in Dalmasca's capital city Rabanastre, Vaan, Reks' younger brother, who wishes among other things to become a sky pirate and taking back what belongs to Dalmasca, infiltrates the palace during the dinner to celebrate the election of Vayne, Archadian Emperor Gramis' son as Consul, despite his close friend Penelo's objection. This leads Vaan to an encounter with sky pirates Balthier and Fran, and introduces him to magicite. Their escape went awry when resistance forces stormed the palace, landing them into the sewers where they stumble upon the resistance leader Amalia. This leads to Vaan, Balthier and Fran's capture and detainment into the Nalbina Dungeons.

In Nalbina, the trio learns of Basch and the existence of his twin Judge Master Gabranth, and eventually escaped with him. Freed, Basch conveys to Vaan that Gabranth had posed as him as the means to blackmail Ondore. While skeptic at first, Vaan finally believes him, helping Basch to secure passage to Bhujerba while learning of Penelo's kidnapping by headhunter Ba'Gamnan who uses her to lure Balthier to him. This leads to a meeting in Bhujerba with Lamont, a curious boy who is in truth Vayne's younger brother Larsa. Basch's passage to Bhujerba was used to confront the Marquis, who captures the party to be sent onboard the Archadian airship Leviathan headed by Judge Ghis. Ghis took Vaan's magicite - the Dusk Shard - to be sent to Archadia.

On the Leviathan, the party is reunited with Amalia, revealed to be Princess Ashe. Escaping the airship and unable to convince the Marquis to prove her royal lineage, Ashe, driven by visions of Rasler, attempts to collect the Dynast-King Raithwall's treasures to prove her royal blood. The Dawn Shard - a deifacted Nethice; stone of powerful energy - obtained from Raithwall's Tomb and seized by Ghis, proved fatal as the small stone decimates Judge Ghis' entire fleet. Now unable to use the Shard, Larsa convinces Ashe to seek Gran Kiltias Anastasis, who lives in Mt. Bur-Omisace, for his approval of her as queen of Dalmasca. Vaan and Penelo travels with the entourage, which included Basch, Balthier and Fran. On the way, the party passes Eruyt Village, rescuing Fran's sister Mjrn who was possessed by manufacted Nethicite - man-made Nethicite crystals - in the process.

The party learns in Mt. Bur-Omisace that not all parties are wishing for war. Larsa, who had been investigating his brother Vayne's connection with the Nethicite research, had made contact with Al-Cid Margrace, a member of the Rozarrian Empire ruling family in order to convince the two Empires to cease their war. Their plan to announce Ashe's status as Dalmascan Queen and to persuade Gramis for peace however was forestalled with the Emperor's death in the supposed hands of Senate Chairman Gregoroth. With Anastasis' aid, Ashe retrieves the Sword of the Kings able to destroy Nethicite.

In her leave, Anastasis was killed by Judge Bergan and Larsa was brought back to Archadia. Defeating the Judge, Balthier leads Ashe to Archades and the Draklor Laboratory where manufacted Nethicite were made by Dr. Cid's research. There, they encounter Reddas, and confront Dr. Cid who fled, leaving clues that lead them to Giruvegan, the location of the Sun-Cryst, source of all deifacted Nethicite. While together able to enter Giruvegan, Ashe alone encounters the makers of the Sun-Cryst, the Occuria, receiving the Treaty Blade to cut her own piece of deifacted Nethicite and orders as Raithwall's descendants.

The Archadian Empire's might, led by Vayne, was due to Dr. Cid's Nethicite research and the assistance of the Occuria betrayer Venat. Vayne aims to become the new Dynast-King by using manufacted Nethicite and conquer all of Ivalice. Dr. Cid, in truth Balthier's father, was obssessed with researching the Nethicite's power after his own visit to Giruvegan and initial encounter with Venat. Their expansion campaign which led to the Nabudis' destruction and Dalmasca's occupation was made to obtain and study the royal heirlooms - deifacted Nethicite. Gabranth was sent to Giruvegan to ascertain Ashe's intentions for war.

With the Occuria's clue to the Sun-Cryst, Ashe travels to the Pharos at Ridorana Cataract, accompanied by Reddas, Pirate-King of Balfonheim. Finding the Sun-Cryst atop the tower, Ashe resolves to destroy the Sun-Cryst, defeating Gabranth, who admits to killing her father, and Cid, who manages to enhance the power of the Sun-Cryst before dying. Reddas, burderned with guilt for in truth he caused the destruction of Nabudis' with the Midlight Shard, one of the three royal heirlooms placed in Nabradia, used the Sword of Kings to destroy it, costing his life.

Learning from Al-Cid of the impending war between Archadia and the Resistance group led by Marquis Ondore, in truth defying the Empire, to take place in Rabanastre, Ashe's party travels home to find Archadian forces strengthened with the Sky Fortress Bahamut, fueled by the Sun-Cryst's remaining powers. Infiltrating the sky fortress with the aid of the Resistance, Basch confronts Gabranth, who spews his hate towards his twin but yet taken by Basch's loyalty. In the final battle that follows, the party encounters Vayne and Larsa, the latter objecting to Vayne's plot for power, and together with the party, defeats Vayne and subsequently Venat. The war ends with Ashe's announcment,  and Larsa taking over the Imperial Army. The party escapes Bahamut, now void of its fuel due to the final battle. Balthier and Fran stayed onboard Bahamut when the sky fortress descends onto Rabanastre, steering it away to safety, though contact with them was lost.

In the epilogue that follows one year later, Ashe was made Queen of Dalmasca, and Basch replaces Gabranth due to the latter's request, serving as guardian to Larsa, now Emperor of Archadia. The story ends with Vaan flying his own airship, with Penelo as his partner, the two following the clue left by Balthier and Fran who were apparently alive and presently in Bervenia.

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