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This site is great for all you Turok fans. there are many weapond guides, pictures, and walkthroughs. This site is another great one that i made. its for the N64 system but is still a great game.


           The game's setting takes place in the Lost Land, a primitive world inhabited by dinosaurs and other creatures. According to the game's instruction manual, Turok is a time-travelling warrior who ends up in the Lost Land. The Campaigner is trying to gain the Chronoscepter weapon, and by using a focusing array to magnify the Chronoscepter's power, he plans to destroy the barriers that separate the ages of time and rule the universe. Turok then vows to find the Chronoscepter himself, and sets off to put an end to his scheme. After battling through various areas of the Lost Land, including catacombs, a treetop village, a ruined city, and defeating bosses such as a fire-breathing Tyrannosaurus, Turok ends up at The Campaigner's fortress, where he defeats him in single combat.



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